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  • Taming the Tech Beast: learn valuable strategies that will help you find the right technology partner and avoid some common IT pitfalls. (PDF)

  • Building Firm Wisdom: learn how to start recording your business's institutional memory; an introduction to my second book. 16 pages (PDF)

  • How to Survive Economic Meltdowns: how complexity is ruining your profits. 14 pages (PDF)

  • Nearly Free IT : eliminate your small business tech costs. 144 pages (PDF)

  • The Cloud Paradigm : how the Cloud is changing business technology forever. 22 pages (PDF)

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  • 10 Hours of Tech Service : get 10 free hours of our premium technology consulting and support for any business with at least 10 computers.
  • 2 Hour Network Evaluation : get a free 2 hour tech review including recommendations to make your tech systems better, smarter, faster and cheaper. 

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My company R-Squared Computing has a unique perspective on getting things done. Here are a few articles that explain how we work and why.

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This blog helps me crystallize my thinking. The very act of writing forces me to think things through, just so I don't sound like a complete idiot. Plus, I enjoy writing - sometimes. I admit that I have become very sporadic, but I don't always have something to write about wither. If you want to read more about me then check out About Lou.

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