Firm Wisdom

My second book is now available!

A few years ago while writing my first book, I became fascinated with how some businesses record institutional memory.  Several of my customers had developed incredibly effective systems for capturing this vital information. 

More importantly, the benefits are extraordinary! This retained wisdom is a genuine competitive advantage for these companies. Incredibly, they built these solutions using whatever software tools they had available instead of buying an expensive software package.

I started thinking about how every company could benefit from this powerful practice. It became immediately clear that many repeat mistakes made by customers could be avoided, if only they had a record of past failures. Or how much faster they could train new employees, if they had a digital tool that detailed every step of work. 

I named it firm wisdom -- the practice of recording institutional memory using existing and available software tools. In this book, I list methods any business can use to record and capture valuable business wisdom.

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Nearly Free Enterprise 2.0
I fully admit, this isn't a new concept. The Fortune 500 have been using firm wisdom for a decade. These powerhouse companies have harnessed this incredible tool and built it into communications and collaboration powerhouse. They enable their employees to solve their own problems and to work together effectively.

It doesn't make sense that this should only be limited to the richest corporations on Earth. Every business can benefit from firm wisdom. However, there is no need to spend Fortune 500-level cash to create your own. That's another reason I wrote this book. There is no reason for this power to be limited to just the wealthiest companies.

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