Friday, July 2, 2010

GE's Firm Wisdom

General Electric has managed to survive and thrive since 1878 because they are really damn smart. They hire the best and brightest engineers, scientists and forward thinkers to examine the ever changing technological landscape. If we heed the wisdom of Sir Isaac Newton, we would stand on the shoulders of this particular industrial giant and learn from their successes.

I write specifically about GE's SupportCentral. This firm wisdom system connects 400,000 global users in 6,000+ locations in 20 languages. SupportCentral has fulfilled all the benefits of firm wisdom plus it has altered the corporate culture at GE by eliminating barriers of language and distance. Suddenly the engineer in Mumbai can collaborate with the marketing maven in Chicago.

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Incredibly, this system gets more than 25 million hits per day! Users have created over 50,000 digital communities for over 100,000 GE employee experts answering questions and managing information. This is all done in addition to their "regular jobs" because the workers see the benefits of this powerful collaboration and communications tool.

Now, I realize you probably don't have GE's budgets. I recognize that you probably don't have GE's engineers on speed dial either. That's OK. The whole purpose behind my 2nd book is to teach you how to get all the same power and capability for a fraction of the price.

For additional information on the book release, please stay posted to this blog or email me directly. I am in the home stretch now and I'm just waiting on some final pictures for the book.

Once the Firm Wisdom is available, you will have everything you need to get started building a 21st Century communication and collaboration system for your business. Then you too can stand on the shoulders of giants.

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