Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Great Convergence

Some time ago I wrote about the looming scientific convergence.  These rare events happen when different sciences all arrive at a unified understanding of a pivotal truth about life, the universe and everything. Each of these different sciences, using different tools and fields of knowledge, all run smack into a unified understanding of reality that causes everything to change dramatically.

The Industrial Revolution was born with the steam engine. But the steam engine was born from the convergence of Newton's laws, advances in metallurgy and applied pneumatics. Then followed all the incredible leaps in science, technology, productivity, work, society, business, governments and economics which we call the Industrial Revolution.

Convergences in science are exciting to witness. You should know because we are seeing one happen now. I am convinced we are living at the very beginning of a rapid series of multiple convergences.

I'm not sure what that next revolution should be called. Instinctively I want to call it the Digital Revolution, because so much of it will be caused by the application of digital technology. However, I cannot ignore the enormous part to be played by biotechnology, nanotech, robotics, new materials and good old physics.

Right now, we are living in the Information Age, born from the transistor, which came from the convergence of materials sciences and information theory. The Information Age is the precursor to the Next Revolution. And just like the Industrial Revolution changed everything about life, work, war, business and economics, so too will this Next Revolution change everything.

At this point, I understand your skepticism. "We just finished having everything change with computers and the Internet, Lou. How much more change can there be?"

Trust me. I have wrestled with the same question. But the facts remain, sciences are converging every day:

Any time when many different fields of scientific study come together, something amazing happens. Everywhere I look, I see signs of that happening right now. We are at the beginning of an unbelievable transformation of society, culture, governments, business, economics, war, technology, productivity, work, efficiency and science. Life will change completely during the Next Revolution.

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