Monday, October 25, 2010

Ray Ozzie's Predictions

I have always been an enormous fan of Ray Ozzie. This is purely my inner geek fanboy coming out, but Ozzie is someone worth listening to. Microsoft is making a major mistake letting him go.

In his farewell to Microsoft blog post, Ozzie writes:

Tomorrow’s experiences will be inherently transmedia & trans-device. They’ll be centered on your own social & organizational networks. For both individuals and businesses, new consumption & interaction models will change the game. It’s inevitable.
I couldn't agree more.

In Nearly Free IT, I argued that how we work with technology is changing. Because of the cloud paradigm we are leaving behind many of the old sacred cows of the early PC era. The machine isn't important anymore -- the only thing that matters is our information and our ability to access it.

We are on the threshold of major new ways to interact and connect with our data. The iPad is just the beginning. Tablet computers are a great start but ultimately, we will begin to see some seriously science fiction-grade technology coming out. When that happens, all bets are off. Every business that relies on technology (and that's all of you!) will need to adapt to completely new shift in the tech ecosystem.

We are living in an age of constant upheaval. The technology you learn today will be obsolete tomorrow. Just when you've mastered Facebook, they decide to change it. Get used to it!

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