Monday, August 30, 2010

Lot's Going On

Where to begin...

First off, guru Deepak Gupta published a very nice post about me and my work on his blog. Thanks Deepak! It was a please speaking with you and I hope to do so again soon.

Next, the incomparable Marnie Swedberg -- mentor to thousands of women entrepreneurs -- will be hosting me on her radio show this Thursday, 9/2 at 2PM 4PM EST (oops, sorry...).

Marnie and I will be talking about how to hire a computer consultant for your small business. I hope you can tune in and listen to the show. If you do, you will get access to an exclusive ebook I wrote just for Marnie's listeners.

I hope you can join us. It should be good.

Tonight I will be attending a meeting hosted by Brad Sugars from ActionCoach. This will be the first time I have seen Mr Sugars in action. The event is free so if you have time, come join me at the event. Hopefully it doesn't devolve into a three hour sales pitch, like too many of these free seminars. We shall see.

I have also started editing a collection of blog posts, articles and essays for my next book. The working title is 100 Insights: Essays from the Intersection of Business and Technology. I welcome your comments, suggestions and rants on the title. Fire away!

Oh yeah, plus I still have all my regular work for customers and managing R-Squared Computing. I love being busy, it's so much better than being bored.

I remember those early days when BHF and I started R-Squared. We would sit across from each other in our tiny rented office waiting for the phone to ring. Sure, we played lots and lots of video games (Diablo II and Starcraft!) but we didn't make any money. Far worse was the interminable boredom that drove me insane. Yes, I prefer being busy any day.

So, let's get to work! Have a great week.

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