Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Evening with Brad Sugars

Monday night I attended the Brad Sugars event here in Miami and I was very impressed.

I rarely attend these events. One of the things that drives me crazy about most speakers is they spend too much time trying to get you to drink their particular brand of Kool-Aid. Obviously this is how they sucker you into buying poorly written books and overpriced "coaching" sessions that leave you impoverished and confused.

Mr Sugars didn't waste any time proselytizing -- he presented his information in a clear, rapid-fire and direct manner with minimal pitching. Sure he hawked his 14 books and business coaching offerings. But he also gave the audience so much value during the three hour talk that I left with a head full of ideas, a pad full of notes and a cramp in my hand from writing too much.

Most impressive was how well he worked the room. The audience of 300 South Floridians was clearly tired after a long Monday's work. Brad Sugars did an admirable job of getting the crowd to cheer and get involved in the presentation -- and I fully intend to steal some of his methods for my next presentation. (FYI, that is the highest praise I ever give. I only steal from the best.)

Some of my favorite quotes from the evening:
  • "Saving a wage costs a fortune." -- Stop doing everything yourself. Hire others to do the work so you can spend time planning your business.
  • "Poor people spend time to save money. Wealthy people spend money to save time." -- Focus your time on performing the high value work and pay others to do the low value work. 
  • "A business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that runs without me." -- If you need to be there, then you are just another employee.
  • "What is your equivalent of 'would you like fries with that?'" -- You need to find ways to increase your average sale. McDonald's does it with french fries. 
  • "The most expensive advice on earth is free advice from a poor person."
If you have a chance to see Brad Sugars, I highly recommend it. All in all, it was a well spent three hours listening to good, common horse-sense presented with just enough of an Aussie accent.

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