Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why I Wrote Firm Wisdom

Humans have evolved the desire to share information and that has benefited all of us. The sharing of ideas propels science and technology because when ideas mingle they spark new ideas, new innovations. Stagnant ideas serve no one.

Online communities are all based on sharing ideas and information. Facebook alone contains the recorded lives, memories and ideas of 300+ million people. That is a powerful information resource that is only used to target advertisements. Such a waste.

Now imagine a digital business community specifically for your company. Imagine a tool that let's your workers share their ideas, knowledge, experience and institutional memory with one another. Include a few reporting tools, customer relationship management, employee collaboration, maybe even government data, and you’ve got yourself one information management, communications and collaboration powerhouse.

By harnessing the power of self-service technology, you can unleash the collective knowledge of all your employees, suppliers and even your customers. All you need to do is give them a platform where they can share ideas, experiences and knowledge.

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The purpose of my 2nd book, Firm Wisdom, is to help you find ways to record and share knowledge so your workers can be more productive. By giving them the tools to help themselves, it is possible for any business to set up firm wisdom without breaking the bank. The book also discusses those free technologies and how you can use them to get started immediately.

Humanity has experienced our greatest advances from shared ideas. Internet social technology offers a simple set of powerful tools that anyone can use to start recording and sharing all the little tidbits of knowledge in your business. By recording this valuable information you will create a data store of all the precious institutional memory that is otherwise ignored.

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