Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FCC Recommends Broadband

Recently the FCC submitted documents to Congress recommending the creation of a national broadband service. This service will extend high speed internet access to the entire United States. Even though Al Gore and the US invented the internet, we have fallen behind many countries in terms of broadband accessibility as seen in the infographic below:

With average broadband speeds of just 3 megabits, the US is lagging far behind Japan's 60 megabits. Faster broadband speeds not only give you faster access to your online activities, it also enables the creation of a whole new industry of smart devices. A great example is the smart grid that will revamp our modern electrical systems for greater efficiency.

Even if Congress bends to pressure from the telcos and denies it funding, we will eventually have advanced broadband service for the entire country. The benefits of the technology are just too powerful. If the government doesn't make it happen, Google will. Like the government website says, broadband is the infrastructure challenge of the 21st Century.

I recommend you read the Executive Summary of the plan. If you agree with the need then I urge you to contact your members of Congress.

But remember: all technology is disruptive. This will be no exception. Is your business ready? Will national wireless broadband disrupt your business?

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