Friday, March 19, 2010

Common Sense Consulting

I recently had the good fortune to reconnect with an old, high school friend. He and I have more adventure stories than I am willing to share. Suffice it to say, we are both lucky to be in one piece because we routinely tempted the devil back in those days.

Anyway, last week he was moving into a larger warehouse and office facility and he needed my help moving his computer systems. We handled the IT with minimal fuss. However, with all the chaos of the move, I found myself offering more and more common sense consulting during the course of the move.

I ended up advising him on everything from how to organize the warehouse, when to move the forklifts and so forth. The point is that the majority of my advice had nothing to do with business technology. I pointed this out to my friend who laughed and said I should be happy I was born with common sense. "You can't learn common sense. Either you're born with it or not." he said.

That made me wonder if there was a market for it. I googled the term "common sense consultant" and found a mishmash of consultants in a variety of fields all offering different services.  Instead I imagine a team of been-there-done-that, intelligent professionals that can offer advice across a wide range of subjects.

I wonder if that business would work? How would it be marketed? Would you hire a common sense consultant?

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