Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Web Research Tool

Aside from what paranoid professors and librarians say, the internet is one bad ass research tool. You can look up anything. If you want info on ex-con left-handed midget wrestlers from Texas, you can only look on the internet.

The real problem isn't finding information. It's what do you do with it all? How do you organize it? How do you make it useful?

Archivd is a tool that helps you organize information and share it.

Archivd uses a bookmarklet to let you clip information and save it for later in just 2 clicks. The info you save is also visible to the other members of your group.

It is also great with collaborative online research. Archivd has features that make it than the competition. For example, it will automatically grab and index images from the pages you bookmark (note: it only worked for me on certain sites).

It was very easy to learn. The interface is very natural.

Archivd keeps you organized. You can break a project down into separate lists, and then you can use tags to filter your notes. You can view any page you’ve archived as lists, cards, tables or images.

Archivd makes it easy to share knowledge with your team. Everyone on an account can contribute notes, and they can comment on each other’s notes too.

The price depends on the total number of users and projects. The basic plan is free, but only includes two users and one project. Paid plans start at $24/mo and max out at $99 per month.

How do you organize your online research?

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