Friday, September 18, 2009

Do We Need Web "Cred" Scores?

The biggest problem online is the question of credibility. Anyone can say anything online. Idiots can speak with supposed authority without any hinderance. Bigots can spout hatred, morons can shout stupidities and there is no editor anywhere to control the insanity. Just think of all the worst aspects of the United States Congress and then expand that across the globe to get the idea.

Unfortunately, it is common in human nature to only read the ideas we already agree with. It is unlikely that we will seek out opposing views and contrary opinions. So, once we have made up our minds about a subject, we only seek out affirmations of our beliefs.

So, if you are predisposed to hate minorities, you will find plenty of supporting opinions dressed up as facts online. No matter what your position on any subject, you will easily find more ammunition with a simple Google search.

But the problem is how do we separate out the useless noise from the useful info? Is it possible to create a Credibility Score for people online?

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