Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nearly Free IT

Could your business benefit from better organization, painless backup and a virtual engineer? What is it worth to you to have a computer that runs fast, safe and error free? How much money would you save if you could be warned before your computer broke? Aren't you tired of paying through the nose to repair your computer? Geek Squad charges $160 just to install a new computer! Most computer techs charge insane hourly fees to sit and stare at the damn hourglass on the computer screen.

You work too hard to spend your money foolishly! You deserve Nearly Free IT! Find out how you can get it all for under $20!

Impossible you say. Ridiculous. Insane. No way.

You wanna bet???

Find out how you can get:
  • Easy to use project management: you can't make money if you aren't organized.
  • Elegant customer management: keep them happy so they spend more money
  • Centralized team management: a good team is vital to success
  • Business chat tools: communication is the key to a good team
  • Delegate responsibility: build quick to-do lists and share them with others
  • Document collaboration: so you can work together to finish faster
  • Painless backup: with your data safe, you can sleep peacefully
  • Predictive failure: know before it breaks, so you can fix it first
  • Malware protection: protection from viruses, trojans, spyware, and the latest Internet nasty, rootkits.
  • Virtual engineers: you deserve 24/7/365 computer monitoring by brilliant, experienced engineers who will maintain your computers and fight hackers
All for under $20! Discover Nearly Free IT.
Sign up for the TOTAL 100% FREE Five-Week Nearly Free IT e-Course that will teach you everything you need to know to get it all.
Start making more money for less work. Your better life is waiting.

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