Friday, September 12, 2014

SMB Tech Mistakes - I Don't Need Social Media

SMBs don't really have a reputation for being trailblazers in adopting cutting-edge technology. This makes sense when you consider that we tend to operate under tight budgets, which only grow tighter during sluggish economic periods. However, we need to start looking at technology as a force multiplier which allows us to leap frog larger businesses.

It is well understood that SMB owners should never stop networking. In addition to face-to-face networking opportunities, we are foolish if we don't also leverage our online social networking for business gain. Statistically, most people spend 20 minutes checking Facebook 5 times a day. Take a few of those minutes and put out a marketing message instead of looking at somebody's baby/wedding/cat pictures.

Engage with customers on a regular basis and long-term relationships will result. People prefer to buy from people they know. It creates a level of comfort because if something goes wrong, they can just send you a private message directly asking for redress. This is vastly superior to doing business with a giant, faceless corporation that doesn't really care about their customers.

So, get involved. Get online and start engaging with potential customers. It will be worth your while.

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