Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Experiments in Social Media

As some of my readers already know, I am a Management student at Johnson & Wales University at the North Miami campus.  I enjoy being an older student, mostly because all the suck-up students think I am a professor. This means I have hordes of young people happily holding doors for me and offering to buy me coffee. I accept the open doors but not the coffee -- my arrogance does indeed have limits. I digress...

I am currently enrolled in Marketing 3045 - Social Media and Internet Marketing. As a self-confessed Marketing Moron, I am interested in what this class has to offer. Our first class session was a whirlwind of social media sites and statistics. Needless to say, I am fascinated with this strange world. As a long time blogger and user of social media, I am like the proverbial fish who swims in the water without being aware of it. Social media is a tool I have used for various purposes, but never as a tool for direct marketing. I look forward to learning more

The first experiment has begun. I have created a Facebook Business Page for myself as an author. I am asking everyone to Like the page as part of a class assignment. I hope you will join me on that page.

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