Friday, August 15, 2014

Maker Culture

Makers are the technology world's masters of the Do It Yourself (DIY) movement. This is a subculture obsessed with innovation, invention and prototyping. They identify and/or invent new uses for existing technology, or they blend different sources to create new solutions.

The entire subculture emphasizes learning-by-doing. They are all about learning by failure and then sharing their experiences with one another online. As opposed to the historic example of the garage tinker who worked alone to invent something he could patent, the Makers are more likely to license their discoveries under Creative Commons. Makers are the people in the trenches of the STEM fields of study.

All across the world, Maker Spaces are opening their doors. These brick and mortar facilities are gathering places for those willing to learn and share their knowledge. The better funded locations may also include 3d printers, CNC, metalworking and electronics tools. A simple search online will help you find a Maker Space near you.

These are the modern hobbyists. They are the natural extension of early ham radio operators and the Homebrew Computer Club which brought together the founders of Apple Computer. It is within this subculture that will birth the next generation of business moguls. These are the people on the forefront of modern innovation.

Are you a Maker? Tell me about it.

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