Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Cloud of Things

The Internet of Things leads to the Cloud of Things.

In a world where everything exists physically and virtually, you have an Internet of Things. When the soda machine can share data on sales, temperature and inventory with it's owners and even the can of soda exists digitally, you add a digital data layer to the entire world.

Even though it sounds like science fiction, it is happening now. For many years, biologists have used radio transmitters to tag and track animals for study. RFID now enables smart warehousing systems that can track inventory as it travels between destinations or along the assembly line. The added digital data layer is enabling a new generation of asset management and tracking. 

But it doesn't stop there. 

An Internet of Things inevitably leads to the Cloud of Things. The key advantage of the Cloud is that machines don't matter. Because your data and apps live on the Cloud, the device you use to connect to those tools is largely irrelevant.

When everything is connected to the Internet, then everything can leverage the Cloud. 

Imagine a time when smartphones and tablets can be bio-metrically locked. Perhaps it's voice print, retina scans, finger prints, pass codes or any combination thereof. It's only a matter of time until the usage of these devices can then be billed based on the user. I may own the smartphone but when you unlock and use it, then you get billed.

However, when you use my smartphone in this scenario, its YOUR smartphone in the same way the cloud makes every computer your computer. You see your contact list, your appointments, your emails, everything that you normally see on your smartphone. All of this information is bio-metrically tagged to you so there is no chance of anyone else seeing it.

Because I'm the ultimate owner of this Cloud smartphone, my needs have priority. I will get all my incoming calls (locked to my bio signature so only I can answer them) and so on.

As processing power continues to drop in price, we will see more and more devices becoming "smart" in the same sense as modern smartphones. Imagine checking your appointments on a bottle of soda. Or checking messages on a public bathroom mirror. As we incorporate more digital technology in our everyday items, we will open up new opportunities for connectivity.

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  1. I don't thing this is a Cloud of Things but instead that things use the data or processing in the Cloud

  2. Thanks for your comment. It's a two-way relationship any way you look at it. The point is that eventually everything will give access.

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