Monday, March 12, 2012

SMB Tech Mistakes - I Don't Need Better IT

Many SMB owners are so busy running their business, they don't have time to keep up with new IT solutions that can help them achieve their goals.

With the somewhat better economic news, many SMBs are considering strategic projects including much needed technology upgrades. Like it or not, you need to maintain and upgrade technology to stay competitive.

Replacing technology can seem cost-prohibitive, but the opposite is true: SMBs can see enormous benefits by upgrading to new computers. Just eliminating old, buggy computers can improve productivity dramatically, as workers have to stop less often because of machine errors.

Research shows that the right technologies create tangible improvements in customer satisfaction, revenues, staff morale (which leads to lower employee turnover rates and higher productivity) and, the all important, profits!

IT is not just an administrative tool, it is a strategic weapon that can help your business survive and grow. The trick is finding the right tools to help you work smarter.

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