Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your Tech Tipping Point

There comes a point in time when your business is more than just you. You have delegated responsibilities to others so you can focus on what you do best. Your business has expanded and grown. You've added employees, office space and all the associated headaches to increase your bottom line.

Now, for a short time you were able to run your business with mostly the same systems. Maybe it's QuickBooks or that clunky email system, the point is that it hasn't changed since you got it. You may have upgraded or bought more user licenses but it's still the same thing -- mostly. Only you're starting to suspect it might not be enough.

Like the poet said, the times they are-a changin'.  That means your technology needs are growing. There's a whole world of mobile devices that are potentially powerful business tools. There's a whole new host of possibilities -- you just need to find the right one's for you. Are you still messing around with digital antiques?

There comes a point in every business where the old ways of doing things just aren't cutting it anymore. The old tools aren't keeping up to date with the modern needs of your business. They did a great job getting you to this point, but now, they might just be holding you back. This point is your Tech Tipping Point.

Every business hits that technological tipping point. It's the moment when the old tools just aren't cutting it anymore. It's the time when you aren't taking advantage of modern digital tools to explode productivity. The tech tipping point is the critical moment when your competition can leave you in the dust.

Have you hit your tech tipping point? Do you want to find out?
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