Friday, September 17, 2010

The Era of Endless Improvement

I try to learn something new every day. Not factoids or trivia -- I try to learn something genuinely useful and relevant to my business. With all the game-changing technological improvements coming out daily it is next to impossible to keep up, but that doesn't mean you don't try.

The point is we need to stay ahead of the curve. The pace of new tech innovation is staggeringly fast. You never know when some new technology will be born that could change your industry completely. All technology is disruptive, the key question is whether it disrupts your business.

The last thing you need to is to be blindsided by some new development that makes your entire business irrelevant. Ten years ago the newspapers should have been experimenting with methods to adapt their business model to the realities of the internet. Instead they engaged in a silly game of consolidation and political side-taking. Now, most newspapers probably won't survive another ten years.  

You have to keep learning. You have to stay on top of the technologies that will impact your business. You can never stop if you want to stay ahead in the 21st century.

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