Friday, July 23, 2010

Hurray for Hurricane Season

I will be staying home today since Tropical Storm Bonnie's on the horizon. I couldn't be happier.

These past two weeks at work have been abusive. I love a fast paced work schedule but this is ridiculous.

Fortunately, a well-timed tropical cyclone will be giving me a much needed three day weekend. This will be my son's first storm and my daughter doesn't like them much either. They'll need Daddy.

Later today I will go into Storm Mode, which means moving yard furniture, bringing in plants and all the other chores of tropical living. It's absolutely worth it though. As natural disasters go, I'll stick with hurricanes -- at least you see them coming.

In other news, I submitted my final edit for my new book, Firm Wisdom last night. With any luck it will be out soon. I am looking forward to sitting out the storm with my family. I hope everyone stays safe.

And I plan to enjoy this three day weekend.

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