Friday, June 25, 2010

38 Years & Still Kicking

Today's post will be purposely brief since it's my birthday. 

Lately I have been finding it tough to write on the blog. Mostly it's because I have been pouring so much energy into Firm Wisdom that I just don't have the spare brain power to come up with articles. Also, to all who have been following the saga of the 2nd book, please note, I am pushing off the release date again. I wanted to release it today but there's just no way that's happening. The new release date is July 2nd.

The strangest part about this bloggers block is that I usually have so much to say. Just ask anyone who knows me for more than ten minutes and they'll tell you the trick is figuring out how to shut me up! 

Rest assured, it is not some form of birthday doldrums -- I love birthdays. It is more akin to a reflexive haze where my mind refuses to focus on anything but Firm Wisdom. I have to finish this book just so I can get that Writer's Demon out of my head. It's very frustrating. 

However, I fully intend to spend the rest of the day enjoying time with my family. Birthdays are an important time for self-reflection, meditation and celebrating your accomplishments. I fully intend to do all of the above. 

Until next week. Thanks for reading my blog. 

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