Monday, April 26, 2010

Dumb Signage

Do you own a brick and mortar business? A real life building with walls and everything! Including a rent bill?

What does your sign say?

Don't you understand the point behind a sign? It's so I can remember your name.

So what happens when I look you up online? What if I wanted to call and make a reservation for 12? Or ask about that 25% Off Sales banner?

You see, I've got things to do. When I'm driving around and I spot a restaurant (or sale, or business, or shoe store, etc.) that looks interesting, I commit it to memory. Then I look it up later -- online.

If I can't find you, you lost a prospect.

If I'm just looking for lunch, I'll try to get a table. But if I have a party of 12, I call ahead.

25% off sounds worth investigating. But I'm on my way somewhere and I don't have time now. So I'll check it out later -- online.

So...what's your sign say? And what does your website say? Is it the same? Or worse, why do I find places with eerily similar names but no dead, set, 100% same name as the sign?

How dumb are you? I'd say very.

Oh and you say you're not online... What century is it?

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