Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Google Wave - Free Firm Wisdom

I have been fooling around with Google Wave recently. For those who don't know, Wave is Google's attempt to reinvent email communications for the modern Internet.

Email was originally developed back in the 1950's. It was meant as a replacement for traditional internal mail services.  Back in the old days, every big company had a mail room filled with working stiffs that processed and carried the mail inside the company. Email was designed to replace that.

(FYI, the image you see on the right is an old Honeywell ad for their office email system. Click it to see a larger version.)

Followers of this blog will know how the Internet has changed everything. With the advent of the Cloud Paradigm, it makes sense to re-engineer something as basic as email to make it more useful.

Enter Google Wave.

Wave is still in development and is available only as a limited release. But so far, I like what I see.  Wave combines many of the best features from social networking sites like Facebook along with email and instant messaging.

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I think that Google Wave could be the foundation of a free Firm Wisdom system that you can use in your business. As a tool for recording institutional memory, Google Wave has all the right moves. With some minor add-ons, Wave could become an incredibly powerful Firm Wisdom platform.

If you are already on Google Wave, please add me (louis.rosasguyon (at) to your contacts.

I will continue to monitor this for you and give you more updates.

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