Friday, September 11, 2009

Cloud Computing to Grow on Mobile Devices

ABI Research forecasts that the number of mobile cloud computing subscribers worldwide will grow rapidly over the next five years. I'm happy to see some corroborating evidence for what I've been writing about for 1.5 years.

The entire premise of Cloud Computing is to move processing and storage of information onto large, centralized systems and then let lighter, smaller devices connect to the data. This is nothing new.

The old mainframe systems of years past were based entirely on this model. A large mainframe server did the work and dumb terminals connected to it. It was a simple and efficient working model that kept costs under control.

With the advent of smartphones and netbooks, business has become even more mobile. But you still need heavy processing and data storage that your small devices cannot provide. The only answer is the Cloud.

As more people buy smartphones and other web-enabled devices, the Cloud will become more and more important. I'm glad that ABI Research has finally caught on to the Cloud Paradigm.

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