Monday, July 27, 2009

Micro Business Phone Systems

When your small business grows up, you'll eventually need a business phone system. Traditional business phone systems can cost thousands of dollars. However, like most communication technology, phone systems have taken a great leap forward.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the ideal business phone system for your needs. Typically they offer features an old system could never provide and they can save you lot's of money on long distance. Roughly you can expect a savings of 30% with a VoIP phone system.

How it Works
A VoIP phone system runs through your high-speed Internet connection. Typical VoIP phones cost $100 each for basic models. Some advanced models run in the thousands of dollars but you probably won't need them. Some VoIP phones can integrate with your contact management software (typically MS Outlook) so you can dial contacts with a click of the mouse.

Otherwise, it works just like a regular telephone. However, the benefits are much greater.

VoIP Benefits
  • Completely Mobile
    If you have Internet, you have phones. This is great when your business moves or if you travel. Just plug your phone into any Internet jack and start making and receiving calls.

  • Advanced Call Forwarding
    Calls to your company can be forwarded to your cell, home, or wherever at no additional cost. A VoIP phone system streamlines your business communications in a way that a traditional business phone system never could.

  • Minimum Equipment
    No more expensive and space stealing PBX phone boxes. More often than not, the only equipment you will need to buy is the phones themselves. In some cases you may have to upgrade your Internet connection, but that is rare.

  • Typical Features Also Included
    Caller ID, call waiting, hunting roll-over, voice mail, message management, call back, voice message to e-mail, call notify, auto attendant, call queuing, music on hold, MS Outlook contact integration and call statistics
As you can see, VoIP is where you need to be. Don't bother with tradition telephone systems. They just aren't worth the money anymore.

How Much?
Right now there are small business VoIP offers that include unlimited local calling, high-speed internet, 3 Polycom IP330 telephones and 1 fax line for as low as $400 per month!

For $400 per month, you get:
  1. Full high-speed Internet connection via T1
  2. Unlimited incoming calls
  3. Unlimited local and extended area calling
  4. Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voicemail & Do Not Disturb
  5. Voicemail to Email
  6. Hunting roll over
  7. 3 Polycom IP 330 telephones
  8. 1 traditional analog fax line
You can't beat that offer. VoIP combines the best in Internet technology with voice communications at a price you can't afford to ignore.

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