Friday, July 17, 2009

Free Idea: Cameras With GPS

Digital cameras should embed the date, the GPS coordinates and the orientation of the camera in each photo. With this data, you can then search for every photo taken by date and location.

My wife is one of those people that is always behind a camera. The only pictures we have of my wife are pictures of her taking pictures. She recently noticed that one of the bloggers she follows had posted photos that were very similar to some she had taken at Disney World. As it turns out, we were there at the same time as the blogger! She even had a few photos of the blogger and his family.

But that isn't so strange if you think about it. Everywhere you go there are thousands of people snapping photos. Millions of these photos are posted online and shared with the world. Therefore, it is technically possible that you are in hundreds of other people's pictures just standing aroung in the background. Hopefully you're not picking your nose...
Just think of the possibilities if you could search for photos based on date, location and angle?
Incidentally, there is already an online service that offers part of this: Live Where I Am. Just take a picture with your GPS enabled cell phone and upload it to your blog or social site through this service. They will tag it with your comments and GPS coordinates.

What do you think? Could you benefit from all the extra features I mentioned? How?

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