Friday, June 19, 2009

How To Make It Hard to Get Paid

Lou's #1 Business Rule: Don't make it hard for people to give you money. Read the mini-manifesto here.

Here's 7 ways to make it hard for people to buy:
  1. No price tag.
    If I have to ask, then I usually just won't. Lost sale.
  2. Cash only.
    Get into the 21st Century please.
  3. Confusing checkout.
    Follow Internet Wise Guy Seth Godin and think of web surfers as monkeys trying to get a banana in a scientific experiment. If it isn't clear, the monkeys (and their money) won't bother.
  4. Long lines.
    I have things to do besides shop here. Long lines don't make me want to come back.
  5. Really loud music.
    I'm getting old and cranky. Turn that damn noise off. Rotten kids.
  6. Background checks.
    This one is rare, but it happens. I understand if you are required by law but it still sucks.
  7. Stupid employees.
    Make sure your workers understand that what matters is getting the money. I've had employees refuse to accept my payment because I didn't include the invoice number on the check! That's really, really stupid. Get the money first and worry about accounting later. Make this company policy.

What did I miss? You tell me.

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