Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Get Free MP3 Voice Recordings with Your Cell Phone

With an MP3 Voice Recording you can:

  • record a podcast
  • record audio transcripts
  • record reminders to yourself
  • and so on...

It's very simple. Just dial 646-200-0000. Start talking after the beep. Hang up when you're done.

Now, to get your file you just need to add your cell phone number to the end of the web address. So, if your phone number is 555-253-4756 they you go to

If you use an RSS reader you can get your past recordings. I'm not sure how long they keep anything or how much they will keep. So make sure you download them to your computer.

Don't expect studio quality recordings! We're talking about a telephone recording after all. But you can't beat the price.

I've used this to record notes to myself, recordings of meetings and interviews. It's a great tool.

Let me know what you think! Tell me how you have used this great, free tech tool.

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