Monday, March 30, 2009

R-Squared Computing's Competitive Advantage

My company's competitive advantage is based around 5 solid principles:

1) No Jargon: If we cannot explain the benefits of a technology in simple, plain English then it can offers no real business benefit. Too many IT consultants are only trying to sell you some expensive "solution." Sadly, most of the time, the only thing it solves is the consultants cash flow problems. If our engineers cannot explain the benefits of a new technology in simple language that anyone understands, then there isn't a benefit for you.

2) Detailed Billing: All our clients receive detailed billing summaries of all work performed and billed in 15 minute intervals. This lets you know how we spend our time at your office.

3) Documentation: We maintain complete customer records online, including work reports, known issues, customer concerns and so forth. We require all personnel to maintain detailed records using the online system for all customers. This means any technician can help service your account. While we always try to assign one lead engineer to each client, sometimes people get sick or go on vacation. Keep your business running, no matter who's on call.

4) Customers First: All R-Squared personnel are aware that we put our clients first, at all times. That means your needs always supersede ours. So, if you need us to work at night or on weekends, that’s what we do, at no additional charge! We understand that you cannot afford costly disruptions to your business, so we work around your schedule to get things done.

5) Business Before Tech: We understand that all technology is disruptive. It takes time for anyone to adapt to a new system or software. Therefore, all change must be deliberate and managed to ensure minimal disruption of your business. If your business stops, that means you lose money and we never want you to lose money. All new technologies will be weighed carefully and an implementation plan will be designed to ensure minimal interruptions. We cannot guarantee Zero Interruptions but we will do everything in our power to try.

For more information on why R-Squared Computing is the right choice for your business technlogy coaching and consulting, contact me today.

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