Friday, March 6, 2009

Decline of Radio, TV & US Mail

Continuing with the discussion of the disruptions that will come because of the national wireless cloud, I predicted the decline of radio, TV and the US Mail.

So Long to Radio
I don't know about you, but I will not weep when radio vanishes. Too many sub-par, over-consulted radio stations drove me away from radio a long time ago. Because of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 the limitations that kept radio competitive were lifted leading to the current state of mediocrity. By the same token, satellite radio will also die out unless they find a new way to harness their bandwidth.

With the national wireless cloud, I predict the devlopment of a simple Internet media device that will replace the car radio. This device will connect to Internet radio stations along with your personal media files. It will include presets for your favorite stations and will also allow you to switch seamlessly to your pre-purchased music files.

TV Goes Bye-Bye
For several years now, television revenues have been declining. TV commercials are not working anymore as more and more people have purchased digital video recorders (DVRs), like TiVo. Now, the only thing I miss when I travel away from home is my TiVo because I am forced to watch TV commercials. Honestly, I don't watch much television, but if I have to watch commercials, I just don't watch it.

The national wireless cloud will see the creation of DVRs that connect directly to the Internet and allow access to video websites. Current DVRs are experimenting with Video on Demand capabilities. Expect this to blossom as the available bandwidth explodes.

See ya US Mail
Coming May 12th, the US Postal Service will increase their rates again. They claim the rate hike is caused by higher gas prices and the increase in email use. Frankly, it seems to me the most ridiculous argument in the world to say because fewer people are using the mail, the prices must rise. It is the equivalent of me raising my hour rates because I lost a customer. It punishes the remaining customers and encourages them to stop using the US Mail.

The US Mail is an industry in decline and it will face the inevitable once the national wireless cloud becomes a reality. Pretty soon, only junk mail will flow through the post office. This could be disasterous when you consider how many employees work for the post office.

What else?
The national wireless cloud will be incredibly disruptive. How will it effect your business?

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