Monday, March 9, 2009

Building A Mobile Business

Business is all about staying connected. You need to communicate with fellow employees, suppliers and customers.

When your business is growing, it can be tough to know what you need. The key is to find the right combination of services that meet your current needs and also allow you to grow.

Wireless Smartphone Solutions
Smartphones (e.g. the BlackBerry) are now essential Information Age tools. Smartphones have enhanced productivity and enabled business mobility. It no longer matters where you are, you can respond to business needs immediately.

Smartphones come packaged with an extensive list of optional features. A few popular features on many smartphones includes:

Enterprise Server Synchronization - Unsynchronized data can lead to a business disaster. What happens if you lose your smartphone? Enterprise servers permit full access to your data on a corporate mail server, along with the email functions wherever you are in the field. However, unless you are a sizeable company with a dedicated technology staff, avoid enterprise mail servers and stick with the POP3 mail services available from most providers.

Cloud Applications - Compatible with most web-enabled smartphones, these services provide access to critical Internet-based business applications. Changes made via smartphone or desktop are updated, in real time, and can be easily shared with all users.

GPS - If you have ever been in a strange city with a rental car, you know the benefits of GPS. GPS allow you to dispatch employees, within the city or around the globe, to handle anything quickly. If your personnel are always on the road, GPS is indispensable.

Like everything else, wireless technologies continue to evolve. As wireless vendors innovate, it becomes essential for your business to keep up or run the risk of falling behind. Being able to connect to online business tools, anywhere, anytime, is a significant competitive advantage.

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