Friday, February 6, 2009

Get Creative

We spend years in school having our creativity beaten out of us by factory-style curriculae. Teachers usually punish creative thinking since it challenges them to do more, to think harder. It's hard work being creative.

As a child I loved Legos because they let me create physical versions of my flights of fancy. I built space ships, robots, futuristic houses and anything else I could dream up. I would develop complete specifications in my head for each and every design and I would bore my father for hours with recitations of the capabilities of my newly designed space craft.

Creativity is a muscle. Because as children we exercise it without thought, we can harness the amazing powers of our imagination. As adults, we are trapped in a world that too often frowns on innovation and creative thinking.

Fortunately, the world is changing. The web allows us to explore our creativity in new and amazing ways. But your first step is to become creative.

For that I offer you this post from "How to Be Creative".

Spend some time digesting that info and then we can move on.

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