Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't Count Out Microsoft

At the Acts_As_Conference in Orlando this past weekend, I was stunned to hear how many speakers have written off Microsoft. One of the speakers admitted that his firm did not even test for compatibility with Microsoft products!

Admittedly, Microsoft Internet Explorer has been declining in market share since 2003, but it still commands 72.65% of the market. I seems silly to discount all those users just because you don't happen to like the software publisher. That's like saying you won't do business with someone who drives a Jetta. It's goofy.

The Cloud has forced Microsoft to completely re-evaluate their position. As the uncontested masters of the Desktop Paradigm, Microsoft has the stongest interest in maintaining the status quo. But even Microsoft has had to acknowledge the reality of the Cloud Paradigm and has budgeted enormous dollars for the development of the Microsoft Cloud platform.

What all these otherwise brilliant minds at the conference have forgotten is that Microsoft has the money and the talent to stay relevant, as long as they spend their $7.5 billion in R&D money wisely. Don't count out Microsoft.

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