Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free is Good

There is something that always makes us cautious about the word "free." We hear that ancient mantra that proclaims: You get what you pay for. A solid and ringing warning from wise ancestors that knew to be careful when someone offered something for nothing. The real warning isn’t about freebies, however, it's about hidden costs!

Nothing is really free. There is always a price. In the computer world, the price might be spyware, a return web link, a virus, a botnet zombie, your email address or your ZIP code. I think you'll agree that some of those prices are too high, but others are perfectly reasonable depending on what you get in return. Some hidden costs are perfectly acceptable.

We all know what it's like when money is tight. There's never enough cash and every chance to cut costs should be embraced. The key is too understand the hidden costs and to decide if they are too expensive for you.

The internet is full of free software and services that can reduce your costs substantially. With smart strategies you will be able to virtually eliminate your software costs!!! We will always be clear with you about the costs involved, and we will only recommend you safe products that have been Certified R-Squared Safe by our expert staff of engineers. How much money would you save if you got all your software for free?

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