Friday, November 14, 2008

Announcing Wired Gecko

Wired Gecko: Preventative PC MaintenanceAre you aware that most computer failures are largely preventable?

Any complex machine with moving parts needs routing maintenance. You take care of your car (hopefully), why not your computers?

Most PC users do not perform the necessary maintenance to keep their computers running at top performance. But who has time to run all those tedious applications? We have work to do and cannot be bothered with these headaches.

That's what Wired Gecko is all about! Let Wired Gecko run anti-virus, anti-spyware and security updates for you. Wired Gecko saves you money!

  • Keep your computers running at peak performance.
  • Stop spending money on antivirus software!
  • Cut downtime caused by unscheduled failures.
  • Sleep well knowing your computers are protected against known threats.
  • Focus on getting work done and not on PC maintenance.

We hope to roll out the service within the next two weeks. Everyone that signs up on the Wired Gecko website will receive a specially priced introductory offer. No obligation to buy, but once you see the advantages and the savings you will want to get Wired Gecko today!

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