Sunday, September 28, 2008

You Have 2.8 Seconds to Impress

Apparently, Al Gore didn't realize that inventing the Internet would also eliminate attention spans. You have 2.8 seconds to capture someone's attention when they land on your webpage. If you fail to impress, inform and help your visitor to achieve their goals, you will lose them.

There is so much information out there most people will click away from your website for the slightest reason. Too wordy, too short, too ugly, bad colors, too slooow, where's the buttons, too confusing and "too old fashioned looking."

The Internet has bred snobs.

This doesn't mean your website must be enormously expensive, it just means you need to know the new rules.

The Internet continues to evolve. If even a fragment of your business is online, you need to stay on top of these new changes. It is pretty clear that Dr. Whitehead's brilliant observation continues to apply to business. The changes in the Internet will impact how you do business.

Your success online is based on adapting to new paradigms. The Internet continues to evolve and change, you need to stay on top of that change or you will not survive.

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