Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Linked In: A Second Glance

I like LinkedIn. There are some features that annoy me. I don't like that video on the home page. Anything that slows me down is bad. Otherwise, I have steadily built a pretty diverse network of contacts online. As of today, I have 228 connections that link me to 4,613,500+ professionals!

That's cool. There are now 4 million new people I can reach out to. Incredible.

The world is genuinely getting smaller. I have had wonderful email conversations with people all over the globe. A brilliant young entrepreneur in India, a canny negotiator in Dubai, a brilliant scientist that gave me a great idea for a kid's party. It is amazing as I reach out and meet these wonderful and interesting people I get a chance to learn something new.

LinkedIn also has a Q&A section where people ask questions and people get to post answers. I love this area! I have sparked some interesting email conversations with my answers. I think it's great being able to reach out and speak to people about their concerns and issues. And before you think of it, I am not being a web shrink! I mean business issues and questions.

So, so far it's a cool experiment. I like it better than any of the other social networking sites. I am already on several others but I don't use them. LinkedIn is pretty neat.

Please join me.

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