Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Idea: DIY Construction Coach

I admit that lately I have become fascinated by the DIY Channel on cable TV. For some reason, watching hapless homeowners trying to remodel their houses provides me with hours of laughter. I realize not everyone has my background in construction but it's hilarious to watch otherwise intelligent people confounding common sense.

However, last night while watching someone almost kill himself and his wife because they didn't understand the concept of bracing heavy beams before trying to raise them up, it occurred to me there's a fantastic business opportunity for under-employed contractors.

Do It Yourself doesn't seem to be slowing down. Millennials are embracing the idea started by the Baby Boomers of saving money on home improvements by eliminating the cost of competent laborers. However, a little guidance (for a reasonable fee) is always wise.

If you are an under-employed contractor or handyman, you may want to consider marketing yourself as a DIY Coach. Simply stated, you will help coach homeowners through their remodeling work. You'll help with construction planning, permitting, building, dealing with inspectors and all the other skills that you have to offer. They will pay for advice, consultations and planning.

The beauty of this idea is that once you have them as a customer, it becomes easier to up-sell them on other services. Homeowner has enough sense to be afraid of electrical work? Up sell him your electrician services. I am willing to bet that more than half the time, the DIY Construction Coach will end up getting the full contract, with a labor discount because the homeowner's will "help."

With all the economic turmoil, especially in the construction industry, it makes sense to take advantage of industry trends and adapt them to circumstances.

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