Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Next Digital Business Hurdle

When a computer can do grunt work, you don't need grunt workers. The old mainstay jobs that guaranteed a lower middle class income, like data entry clerk, just don't exist anymore. In a world where there's a computer on every desk and everyone knows the basics of using one of these infernal machines then why pay someone to type?

Simply stated -- when everyone does it, it stops being special.

Lawyers used to all need secretaries. Now, most get by without or three lawyers share one assistant. Technology has always been about labor saving. Labor saving technology used to just shave minutes from production time but now it's shaving workers from the payroll.

But that's just the first step in the revolution that's happening in business.

When IBM sold their first computers, all they did was take the business processes of the 1940's and digitize them. Those processes have served us well for more than 60 years but now they're outdated. The old mainstays of the economy are now on shaky ground as the Digital Revolution unfolds.

The next radical changes will be in how business gets done. One place I think will see traction is the merger of social media and business transactions. For example, Tradeshift offers free business invoicing for life through a social network that maximizes communication across the supply chain. It's the cloud paradigm's answer to SCM.

The next generation of processes will do exactly what they are supposed to do -- identify procedures that reduce transactional costs while improving transparency and reducing error.

But this is just the beginning. How will new business processes impact your bottom line? Are you adapting or will you die out?

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  1. Very true! I also believe that businesses with outdated methods for Marketing Strategy can be at a huge loss. There are now behind the scenes engines that can track website usage from start to finish of each visit, so business owners can find where their website is disconnecting visitors and consumers.
    Great insight!

  2. I leave marketing to brilliant people like you. As far as I am concerned, marketing, advertising and PR are all voodoo.