Monday, January 30, 2012

Bucking Industry Orthodoxy - Enough IT B.S.

It never ceases to amaze me the incredible degrees of complete stupidity that come out of my industry. I'm not talking about the technology or the gadgets! Specifically I mean the technology management philosophies that pervade.For far too long, enterprise IT department have acted like tech dictators who are the final arbiters of what tech tools are available to the wretched masses. But every once in a while, I read osmething that gives me the smallest inkling of hope.

CIO Update released an article calling for business goals to drive technology decisions! Halleluiah! I wanted to cheer when I first read the article. Someone somewhere is finally waking up and smelling the nonsense the tech industry has been shoveling.

For years, big businesses have sought the Holy Grail of business-technology alignment. In this ideal utopian state, technology would empower and support business strategy and growth. Sounds simple, right? And yet, according to studies, 68% of business IT projects fail to achieve their goals! Why? Because the IT department never understood the real business goals and strategy.

Until IT listens to business goals and understands the overall strategy, we will never be able to implement tools that support those goals. Until IT stops being a hindrance and starts acting like a partner, they will continue to see failed projects, declining pay and loss of jobs.

If you are interested in tech-business alignment, call us for a technology evaluation. We will review your systems and practices and recommend improvements to help propel your business into the 21st Century.

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