Friday, July 29, 2011

A Game of Fiscal Chicken

I don't care which party you blame in Washington, D.C. -- they both suck.

The whole debt ceiling crisis has clarified for me the complete lack of regard or interest our elected officials have with our problems. While they argue over trillions of dollars, many millions of Americans are without work. It's like our elected idiots have locked themselves into a fiscal game of chicken -- no matter who wins, they're all still morons and the loser is always the American people.

A college economics professor once taught me there were only three things needed for a vibrant, growing economy:
  1. Cheap food -- if our bellies are full, we are happy and productive.
  2. Cheap housing -- if we have a place to live and store our stuff, we are happy and productive.
  3. Cheap transportation -- when we aren't paying around $4 per gallon, we have money to spend on other people's productivity which makes us happy. 
Instead of focusing on fixing these problems (expensive food, collapsed housing market and outrageous gas), they would rather score cheap political points from one another while the rest of America looks on in terror.

Now is the time for leadership not firebrands shouting talking points. Let's fix the problems we have, not invent silly one's to snag headlines.

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