Monday, July 25, 2011

Expand Your Information Flow

Your business information should flow laterally, not just to the center. 

Since the tech revolution began, everyone has worked diligently to ensure that all the information flows to the center of the business. Employees input data into workstations which then pass the info along to a central server. We modeled early information flows on traditional top-down business models.

The problem is that we live in a Network Economy now. Your most valuable and productive employees need access to this information in order to make good decisions. If all your information only flows inward, you limit the availability of actionable data.

Instead consider expanding your information flows to accommodate lateral penetration. I am not advocating an informational free-for-all where everyone sees everything from everybody. That only leads to information overload and it's ugly cousin, analysis paralysis.

Instead, focus on providing the minimal amount of information needed for every part of the system to be aware of each other. Accounts payable doesn't need to know the exact location of the widgets in the warehouse, but it should know the current stock count against future orders so it can meet demand. The point is to provide enough actionable information to each level of the business so they can be proactive.

Is your business information flow letting you be proactive?

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