Monday, February 14, 2011

End of Silence

After an overly long hiatus, I am back. These past few months have been all about family and Holidays and developing business strategies for 2011. Needless to say, that doesn't leave any time for other pursuits, including this blog.

Anyway, like every year, I have decided on a few changes for this blog. First, I will still write about business and technology. However, I will be abandoning last year's editorial calendar. I used to try to publish something every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This was putting me in the awkward position of having to write something when I had nothing to say. Instead I will post when I have some new insight or idea I want to get out.

I will also be sharing more of my start-up ideas. I come up with about 4-5 ideas for start-up businesses a month (which I never pursue!). Instead of letting those ideas go to waste, I will post them to this blog. If you like one of the ideas and you use it, I hope you do the right thing and give me a piece of the action. If not, then karma will kick your butt for me.

Well, if you are still reading, then I wish you a great 2011. This is the year we get back to real growth. Let's get to work!

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