Friday, August 6, 2010

Don't Forget the Wooooo!

My daughter loves SpongeBob. I still remember the first time she made me watch it how I couldn't shake the feeling that my IQ was dropping like a stone during the entire episode.

However, last night while watching SpongeBob, I heard this fantastic piece of business advice:

Don't forget the wooooooo!

It doesn't matter what your business does. It doesn't matter if you sell boxes or brains, without the Wooo! factor nobody cares.  It's the sleek feel of the iPhone or the raw power of the Droid. The Whoooo! is the one thing that sets you apart, makes you unique, makes your customers stand up and take notice.

So either my IQ has dropped to the point where I believe there is poignant and valuable lessons to be learned from a talking sponge, or even an idiot is entitled to one good idea -- you decide.

What's your Whoooo!?

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