Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Real Cost of IT Downtime

Are your IT budgets accurate?

Sure? What about loss of business during unplanned downtime? That may be a fancy way of describing the lost productivity from broken computers, but it still costs you something.

Is that being factored into your budgets? If not then you are not accurately reflecting your costs of doing business. That means you really have less profit -- don't you?

What if there was a way to drastically reduce the cost of downtime? What if there was a way to monitor a computer so you could know before it broken down? If you knew it was going to break, you could fix it the night (or whenever it's convenient!) before and never lose a step.

With modern computer monitoring services, it is possible to predict most failures and fix them before they are a problem. Imagine no more computer downtime.

Studies show that computer downtime can cost companies as much as $42,000 with the average downtime of 87 hours per year. According to the Gartner study, some companies could save $3.6 million per year by eliminating the costs of computer downtime.

That means predicting trouble before it hits. It means being smart enough to fix the problems before they happen. It means being proactive and that means PC monitoring.

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