Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How Google Ranks Your Website

Subject: Google Search Engine Rankings

Explanation: Google ranks website based on a top secret formula. There are many guesses with varying degrees of success. My personal theory involves many factors including how many people are linking to your site, how long your site has been online, how often your site changes and a few other variables. 

Google calculates something called PageRank for every webpage. So, the more links to your website, the better your PageRank. However, not all inbound links are of equal quality. The higher the PageRank of the linking page, the better. 

The longer your site is online the better. This denotes stability. Also, the amount of time left before your domain expires matters too. If you renew your domain every year, consider paying for a 10 year renewal and watch your PageRank climb.

The more often your site changes, the more often Google's automatic web robots check it. This helps to improve your PageRank because there is always new information on your webpage. 

Department: Search engines, web technology

Cost: Varies. 

Recommendation: Do everything you can to secure a high PageRank. You can check your current PageRank at

Analogy: Links are like a recommendation. A recommendation from the town drunk has less weight than from the town billionaire. 

Associated Jargon: SEO, search engine optimization, optimization, AdSense

WARNING: There are a host of companies on the internet that claim to be able to improve your search engine rankings. The vast majority are con artists. Caveat emptor.

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