Tuesday, February 16, 2010

R-Squared's New Phone Number

Every January I audit some aspect of R-Squared Computing. This year I picked the telephone systems.  During the audit I discovered something that made me want to scream. It turns out that 99.2% of all the calls we received on our 800 number were from telemarketers and salesmen!

I have no problem with people trying to make a living. I do have a problem with paying thousands of dollars every year on long distance. Especially when that long distance doesn't generate any revenue for me. This is the equivalent of making a collect call to ask for money. Not smart.

Since less than 1% of our customers use the 800 number, I have decided to cancel it. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause anyone.

All our tech's phone numbers will remain the same so you can still call directly. If you want to reach me for whatever reason you can call my Google Voice number (305) 423-9574.  This number will track me down no matter where I am.

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