Monday, February 8, 2010

Quoted in USA Today!

I just found out I was quoted in this morning's USA Today about the evils of credit cards!

Strangely the author didn't think to include some of my more inflammatory comments about credit card companies, such as:
  • I'd rather do business with a loan shark. He'll just break my legs, the credit card companies will hound me forever with collection agencies. 
  • Charge cards are different than credit cards. Charge cards, like American Express, are OK and they help you build a credit history. Charge cards require you to pay the full balance each month.
  • Debit cards are OK too.
  • Personal credit ratings are a scam. Cash is king. If you bring enough cash to the table, they will never check your credit. 
  • I never get into a business relationship and give them total control of the terms. That's what you do with credit cards. It's like selling your soul and then having to pay 39% interest.
  • The only time to buy on credit is when you figure the opportunity cost and it still makes sense to buy.
  • Credit cards are a tool of the devil.
Alright, so maybe I didn't say the last one, but I meant it!

Special thanks to Sandra Block and USA Today. Always happy to see my name in the paper.

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