Friday, February 12, 2010

Get Attention Writing Letters

It's amazingly simple to get attention, freebies and perks. Just make a nuisance of yourself.

Start writing letters. Not emails, but letters. Print them out, sign your name, fold them into an envelope, slap a stamp on it and give it to the mail carrier. Sending letters gets results.

Have a complaint about a product or service? Want to get someone's attention? Want to tell off your elected officials? Send a letter. You'll get results.

Sure plenty of snail mail gets thrown away as junk mail, so don't make it look like junk mail. Make it look like a personal letter. Address it by hand and use a real stamp, not a postage meter.

Letters are cheap, convenient and different. Everyone sends email. There's no effort involved in sending an email. Spammers pump out billions of junk emails every minute. There's zero friction, so there zero implied value.

But a letter means you cared enough to actually spend some time and money.

Whenever I'm unhappy with service, I write a letter. It takes seconds...
Dear So & So,

I'm unhappy. Your product/service sucked in this fashion on this day at this location. Fix it, please.

--- or --- 
Dear Brain Dead Politician,

You are an idiot. Vote for this issue or I'll give money and my vote to your opponent.

Sincerely, Big Lou

It doesn't require anything more. I have gotten free replacements, free samples, gift certificates, airline miles, good scotch and all kinds of neat stuff. All it took was a few seconds and the price of a stamp.

Did you ever write a letter? What was the result?

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